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Premium Quality. Amazing Price.

From top to bottom, the D-rings, EVA traction pad, Air valve, Fin and all standard accessories have been uniquely chosen to provide the best quality possible while ensuring affordability!

Every Naddur Co. board comes with an industry leading

24 month warranty!

Drop Stitched Nylon Construction

Drop Stitch construction is what lends to an inflatable SUP maintaining its board shape when inflated to a high pressure.  
Tens of thousands of tough polyester threads specially machine stitched into the PVC allows us to build inflatables with flat surfaces that can be inflated to rock like rigidity, all while keeping the convenience of storage and transportation that’s expected from an inflatable product.

Curious about ISUP Build Types?

Single layer & Double layer
A single main layer made of mesh and PVC, called Single Layer: These boards are great and are usually lighter. 
Boards with a second layer of PVC glued onto the main layer are called Double Layer: These boards are more durable but also heavier than a single layer board.

Double Layer Fusion Technology (DFT)
Instead of gluing on a second layer, the construction layer is simply made thicker, melting more PVC on it, called "Fusion Technology" or "Double Layer Fusion".  

This makes DFT boards higher quality, lighter and more durable than other inflatable standup paddleboards.

@ Naddur Co. We provide a variety of premium quality cost effective inflatable water products and accessories which include Single Layer, Double Layer and Fusion Technology for our Inflatable Standup PaddleBoards (ISUP).

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